curriculum vitae


Master of Science, Aalto University, 2016- (38 ECTS)

Major: Information networks, focus track: Media
Minor: Sound in New Media (Aalto University School of Arts)

Bachelor of Science, Aalto University, 2013-2017 (180 ECTS)

Major: Information networks
Minor: Computer science, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada, 9/2015-12/2015
Bachelor’s thesis: Käänteisen opetuksen muodot, vaikutus oppimistuloksiin ja oppilaiden kokemuksiin (”The effects of flipped classroom teaching on study results and student experiences”)

Upper secondary school graduate, Ressu Upper Secondary School, Spring 2012

work experience

Research assistant / web developer, Aalto Online Learning | 5-8/2017

Aalto Online Learning (A!OLE) is an Aalto strategic initiative that funds and guides online learning projects. I interviewed the leaders of these projects and made a report for improving A!OLE in the future. I also designed and implemented a new WordPress website for them ( ) based on user interviews I did during the summer.

Course assistant on CS-C2110 Programming studio 1: Media Programming, Aalto University | 9-12/2016

The course is a compulsory programming course for first year students of information networks and computer science majors. In this course the students deepen their basic programming skills and learn about digital media (sound, picture, video etc.). My work consisted of leading a student group in problem based learning sessions, helping the students with their personal programming assignments and grading the assignments

Research assistant / web developer, Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) | 5-8/2016

Designed and implemented a new interface for the website and gene variant search engine. The whole project was
implemented during the summer. It included user interviews, designing the UI and layout of the new website as well as
programming it using different web technologies such as AngularJS, Drupal and Scala Play. In addition, the project included a
geographic data visualization using D3.js.

Software designer, Flo Apps Oy | 6-8/2015, 2-5/2016

I worked on Flo Apps Oy in different web projects, using a variety of web technologies such as NodeJS, MongoDB and Yii. I also researched the WebServices APIs of different Finnish banks, using an open source library based on Ruby. Besides this, I also worked as an IT consultant in one project.

IT Guide Implementer, Lauttasaaren yhteiskoulu | 1-2/2015

I made a guide to the Office365 platform for new high schoolers on how to best utilize computers in their school work. This included information on, e.g., file formats, image editing and digital matriculation examinations.

Childcare worker, Lauttasaari Parish | 10/2012-8/2013

I did my civilian service as a childcare worker, creating a safe, inspiring environment for the children to play and grow in. During the summer break of school & daycare I also worked as a cafeteria worker for a while.

Summer worker, H-Town OY, Helsinki | 7/2011; 6-8/2010

I did short periods of work during the three-month time span. I gathered customer information to an Excel sheet and wrote news to the website. Besides this I also rearranged the archive of past Pelaajalehti publications and scanned pictures that the readers had sent to a drawing competition.


positions of trust and volunteering

Instructor, CodeBus Africa | 11/2016-4/2017

CodeBus Africa is a collaborative project between Aalto Global Impact, Mehackit, Finnish embassies and several African tech hubs, schools and private sector partners from 10 different African countries. In the project, we ran creative programming workshops (based on musical programming language Sonic Pi) for the local youth, with the goal of inspiring them to explore technology’s possibilities further.
My role in the project was to be a volunteer instructor. I held a workshop in start-up event Slush Youth 2016 (Helsinki, Finland) for a class of Finnish high schoolers, after which I went to Tanzania for two weeks. In Tanzania, me and my colleagues trained ~10 local instructors to run these kinds of workshops and together with them ran workshops for hundreds of youth over the two weeks we were there. More information about the project can be found from

Cultural counsellor, Information Networks Guild Athene | 1-12/2016

The cultural counsellor organizes cultural activity for the guild and visits to cultural events.

Tutor, Information Networks Guild Athene | 9/2014-5/2015

The tutors work as guides for first-year students, helping them in student life and studying-related issues as well as organizing different events for them.

Pre-Event Registration Team Member, Slush | 11/2014

Worked in the pre-registration team for the Finnish start-up event Slush. Our team made sure that Slush visitors were able to get event passes prior to the actual event if they so wanted. My responsibilities mainly consisted of printing tickets and setting up the printers for the printing point.

languages (ILR scale)


Native proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Professional working proficiency (Diplôme d’études en langue française DELF B1, 2012)


Limited working proficiency



Scala, Python, HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, C++, SQL, WordPress, Drupal, Django, AngularJS

Graphic design

Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, InDesign


Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live 9, GarageBand


Playing saxophone and guitar, producing and composing music, jogging, improvisational theater